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The Show: Overview

President Lyndon Baynes Johnson convened the White House Conference "To Fulfill These Rights" on June 1, 1966. The Conference called for papers and proposals to be submitted by invites. On opening day Ambrose I. Lane, Sr. distributed 1,000 copies of his proposal for the development and empowerment of African American and poor communities, entitled "We Ourselves" in the spirit of Sinn Fein. It received lead editorial treatment the next day by the Wall Street Journal.

We Ourselves was subsequently used by the staffs of U.S. Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Jacob Javits to amend the federal Economic Opportunity Act (the Kennedy- Javits amendment), becoming Title ID of that Act. It was the beginning federal financial support of Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in economically depressed communities throughout the country. Later, Governor Nelson Rockefeller distributed Lane's We Ourselves proposal to members of his Cabinet. The result was the creation of the New York State Urban Development Corporation.

In 1978 Lane began a long-running talk show, covering major social and religious issues impacting the nation's poor and minority populations, on WPFW 89.3 FM-- the 50,000 watt Pacifica Foundation's radio station in Washington, D.C. That talk show continues and for many years has been known by listeners as We Ourselves. The show and this Web site are in the spirit of Speaking Truth to and About Power. They are also committed to helping people help themselves by disseminating information and know-how that will enable powerless people to empower themselves.

If you need empowerment or want to contribute to the effective empowerment of someone else or some specific community or to the greater well-being of our nation and the entire human family, this is the Web site for you.

Welcome! Enjoy and enrich the lives of the world's peoples.


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